Monday, July 7, 2008

Vixen Verite aka Compare and Despair

Very Young Girls - Documentary
Harrowing tales from young women adrift; banding together to resist returning to “the life” and the pimps that rule it
Tedious tales of not-young women adrift; banding together to resist compromise and the men that force it

Cinematic Precursor
VYG - Hookers at the Point
SATC - The Best of Everything

Protagonist Opening POV
Dominique: I left home. I met [pimp]. We go out to eat all the time. He takes me shopping. He tells me we gonna be together forever. He’ll do anything for me. Won’t I do anything for him?

Carrie: Young women come to New York City in search of the two L’s : labels and love…
After ten years betrayals, Big told me, “You’re the one.”

Man Trouble 1
Carolina, having escaped her pimp, calls him in an attempt to retrieve her ID papers: You did what with my green card?
By end of call, Carolina coos, “OK, Daddy.”

Miranda, having been cheated on by Steve, wonders: What about the trust?
By end of movie, Miranda returns to her baby’s daddy.

Man Trouble 2
Shoquanna, after failing to meet her man’s $500 daily quota, has her face bashed in.
Supportive social workers attend to her in the hospital. They squeeze Jello through her broken teeth using a syringe.

Having failed to notice her man’s nuptial jitters, Carrie is abandoned at the altar; loses face.
Supportive gal pals whisk her off to Mexico. Samantha spoon-feeds yogurt into her downcast mouth.

Man Trouble 3
Ebony: I’m tired of making money for him. When am I gonna make me happy?
Later, Ebony escapes her pimp only to return two weeks later.

Samantha: I love you; but I love me more.
Later, Samantha leaves her man; keeps the 50K diamond ring

Holiday Cheer
GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services) hosts a joyous, all-girl Christmas party.
Sans gents, Miranda and Carrie joyously eat won tons together on New Year’s Eve.

Fairytale Ending
Dominique gets married.
Carrie gets married.