Monday, May 10, 2010

Hombre with Hustle

Meet Pablo Juan Solis, the future president of Guatemala. Doubt me?

From his half-completed home in Santa Cruz, Pablo is running a capitalist empire with a social conscience.

We met him first as proprietor of a Spanish school. Soon Pablo revealed his bustling tour business and took us out for a spectacular day around Lake Atitlan. We spoke about his ambitions and learned that Pablo also...

Teaches English to indigenous populations
Provides Spanish classes via Skype each morning at 6am for doctors at the Mayo Clinic
Studies law at the university on weekends [and worked with Nobel Prize-winning activist Rigoberta Menchu]
Helps manage a local job training and community center
Paints signs for businesses
Monitors environmental health of Lake Atitlan, promoting sustainable economic growth
Parents his new baby boy, Alan, with his wife Paulina
Uses Google Chrome [it hasn't even formally launched in the U.S.A. yet!]
Is 24.

He puts we "busy" people to shame. I'm glad for it!