Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crazy Busy Beautiful Available Now

Busy ladies, have we got a sassy beauty book for you.

Kitchen Table Productions [Carmindy, Sarah Burningham, Jay Sternberg and yours truly] put together the best, budget-friendly beauty tips for gals who want to glow on the go.

You'll find answers to your most vexing makeup questions [Can a nervous Nelly handle liquid eyeliner? Yes.]

You'll chuckle at Carmindy's advice on tackling "The Nasties" e.g. zits, hangovers and, oh yeah, passion rash from necking with bearded boys.

You'll learn simple ways to update your usual looks, and come away with some wacky tips from ladies across the USA. Who knew Elmer's Glue worked as a pore strip?

Indulge in some girly fun! Order here for only $9.35!