Sunday, September 2, 2018

UWS Gets Flower Flashed With Huge Garbage Can Bouquet

Originally published on August 2, 2018 in West Side Rag

By Joy Bergmann

A huge floral bouquet magically appeared early Thursday morning, plunked into a trash can on the southwest corner of 73rd Street and West End Avenue, delighting passersby who wondered:  What? Who?

The display was the latest "Flower Flash" created by Lewis Miller Design, a floral design firm in NoMad. According to his web site, Miller has been committing these random acts of beauty [and viral marketing] around the city since October 2016.

In a May interview with Haute Living,  Miller described part of his motivation:  To get people to look up from their phones and enjoy flowers.

“Tech constantly runs our life, and flowers are ephemeral. They’re fleeting, and they’re natural, and they’re soft, and they’re beautiful, and they’re luxurious," Miller said. "Our schedules are all so crazy, and technology is just driving us all bonkers, and we’re living on the edge of all having nervous breakdowns. Flowers are a comfort. They’re beautiful. Anywhere we can bring that back to counterbalance the realities of modern living is a good thing.”

Ephemeral, indeed.

By 9:15am, Department of Sanitation workers were on the scene and the flowers were headed for destruction.

"Why? Why can't you leave it for 24 hours? It's beautiful!" pleaded Ruth Cohen, who lives on that corner.

A Sanitation supervisor explained that with the bouquet in place, "People can't throw garbage in there."

Locals scrambled to grab a few blooms before they landed in the garbage truck's maw.

"Here we have a beautiful indication of life that could last 24 hours," Cohen told West Side Rag, "and the Department of Sanitation destroys it."

It was nice while it lasted.